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SoundStory was conceived under the premise that every person has a unique story to be told. Be it a story of great success, overcoming challenges or just one of simple pleasures – what better gift can you give than forever documenting the story of the lives of loved ones? This is a gift for the interviewee, but also for all of the family members who get to hear this professional interview crafted to tell the story from the only relevant viewpoint: theirs.

SoundStory is a lot of things. It is an experience. It is a gift. It is an audio and video heirloom that can be passed on through generations. It is an easily accessible bridge to a life story – in the words and voice of the first person. It is the gift that keeps on giving and will live on beyond us. That is SoundStory.

How It Works

As you book your SoundStory interview, you'll fill out a short questionnaire to give your interviewer some background information about the interview subject and to help guide the interview process. At the date/time of your choosing, you or your family members will be interviewed by a media professional for approximately 1 hour. This is a totally conversational interview guided by the answers in your registration questionnaire, but free to cover any topic you'd like! Our interviewers will utilize their years of experience to help guide the conversation to ensure the end result is a gift that keeps on giving. This unique model provides a great experience in the moment, but also memories, audio and video that will live on much longer. That is SoundStory.


Buy a Gift Certificate to schedule your interview later. Or, Schedule your interview right away either:

a.) *in-studio

b.) online (via Zoom) OR

c.) *in your home!

Choose the date, interviewer, and method that is the best fit for you!

*available in select markets only


After signing up, you'll fill out a short questionnaire to give the interviewer some background info to help guide the interview.


Then, participate in an hour-long interview with a trained interview professional. Share all of the stories that you want to save forever! 


After your interview is professionally produced and edited, we'll share the final product with you to be shared or used however you please! Your stories will be saved for generations to come. 

SoundStory Logo

Services & Pricing

in studio_light
*starting at $399

*price varies by interviewer & location

*In Professional Studios

*available only in select cities

Video Add-on Available (+$149)

*starting at $399

*price varies by interviewer

*Recorded Online via Zoom

*available world-wide

Video Recording Included

at home_light

*available only in select locations

*In Your Home

Video Recording Included


SoundStory operates out of local radio station studios. The exact location of your SoundStory interview will vary depending on your interviewer.


Please check your confirmation email closely for the exact time and location of your SoundStory interview. 


“My dad is an amazing and humble man. He’s done so much in his 86 years on this planet, but he would never toot his own horn. He is so truly special to us and I am so grateful to have this recording. When my kids are ready, I can’t wait to share this with them. This is something that I truly will cherish forever. We so appreciate you.”

Carrie Reasor Greever

  • Who will conduct my interview?
    You can see a list available interviewers in your city HERE. Please Note: Available interviewers vary by city and interview method. (For example: Only a limited number of interviewers are available for "At Home" SoundStory interviews.
  • Can more than one person be interviewed?
    Yes! Up to two people can be interviewed together and only require the purchase of one SoundStory. If you would like to have two individuals interviewed separately, that would require the purchase of two SoundStory sessions. Each SoundStory session will last 45-60 minutes, regardless of how many interviewees participate.
  • Where do SoundStory interviews take place?
    Currently, you have three choices: 1. You can do the interview in studio at one of our "In-Studio" locations with professional equipment and production. Please take special note of the interview location when you finalize your booking. We conduct interviews at multiple different locations in each city. Your location will be clearly noted on your confirmation page (and in your confirmation email) after booking. 2. You can do the interview online via Zoom from the comfort of your home. 3. We'll come to you! Select the "At Home" option to have one of our experienced interviews come to your home. (Note: Only a limited number of interviewers are available for this option.)
  • How long does a SoundStory interview last?
    A SoundStory interview lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • In which cities is SoundStory available?
    Currently, we have "In Studio" and "At Home" options available in: - St. Louis, MO - West Palm Beach, FL - Cincinnati, OH - Minneapolis, MN However, we'll be expanding soon! Check back to see new cities/locations as they are added in the coming months. Keep in mind, online interviews are available to customers world-wide.
  • Can I book an ONLINE interview with an interviewer in another location/city?
    Sure! You're welcome to book a SoundStory ONLINE interview with any interviewer from anywhere in the world!
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